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The Clerk of Courts is proud of its record of service to the citizens of Orange County and is committed to transparency in government. The Clerk in the Sunshine page is the place where you will find our funding structure, performance metrics and audits. We invite you to review the reports contained on the Clerk in the Sunshine page to see how we measure up.

Approved Budgets
FY2024 Funding Structure
FY 2023 Funding Structure
FY 2022 Funding Structure
FY 2021 Funding Structure


Audited Financial Statements 
Each year, the Clerk’s Office is required to have an independent audit of its financial records, its internal controls over the financial reporting process and its compliance with Florida Statutes and Article V of the Florida Constitution. The reports below are the audited financial statements for the past five fiscal years.

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Report to the Citizens of Orange County
The Clerk's Office has published the latest Report to the Citizens of Orange County. The report outlines our office's strategic vision and highlights many of the individuals who make that vision a reality. The report also contains vital statistics that reflect the work we do as the information "hub" of the justice system.
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SRS Audit Report 
The Office of the State Courts Administrator (OSCA) conducted an audit of Orange County's Summary Reporting System (SRS) November 7-10, 2011. The emphasis of the audit was to gauge compliance with reporting requirements articulated in the 2002 Florida State Courts System Summary Reporting System Manual (SRS Manual), which is necessary in fulfilling the requirements of section 25.075, Florida Statutes. 
SRS Filings Audit Report