Marriage Licenses & Ceremonies

Decorative Marriage Certificates

You can now order Decorative Marriage Certificates if your license was issued here in Orange County Florida. These are great as a gift or to remember your special day!

The cost of the certificate is $10, to purchase, simply select a design from the options below, and click on the "Order Today" button.

In the form, let us know the following:

  • Design number 
  • Both parties’ names before the marriage
  • Witnesses
  • Date of Marriage

Once the certificate is ready it will be mailed in a sturdy envelope to you. The cost of mailing is an additional $1.50 and the credit card processing fee is $1.50.

You may also get these certificates by visiting the Records office at the Clerk of Courts downtown office in Room 150. The credit card processing fee is $3.50.

This certificate is only suitable for framing and preserving as a family heirloom. This certificate is not acceptable for official purposes and will not be considered a certified copy of your license. Please note that the selections on the screen are meant to be examples of the marriage certificates which is decorative and as such is neither a legal document nor ADA compliant