Passport Fees

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Due to COVID-19 the Department of State has limited its U.S. passport operations.  Expedited passports are not being offered.

Fees are paid to both the Clerk's Office and the Department of State. Two separate forms of payment are required. Please note the different forms of payments accepted by each agency.

 Type of Passport Clerk Fee
(cash, cashier's check,
money order, credit card)   

Dept. of State Fee
(check, cashier's check, 
money order)

 New Passport Book - Adult (16 or older)    
$35.00 $110.00
 New Passport Book - Child (15 or younger)    

$35.00 $80.00
 New Passport Card - Adult 

$35.00 $30.00
 New Passport Card - Child

$35.00 $15.00

Please note, there is a $3.50 surcharge added to all credit card transactions.