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2020 Annual Report

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2020 Vision: A New Decade Dedicated to You and Our Community

As we kicked off 2020, we also launched into a new decade with a vision for 2020 and beyond. I’m sure many more new challenges, opportunities, and successes are on the horizon. In this day and age of living in a digitally driven world, I couldn’t be more excited to serve as your Orange County Clerk of Courts.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and our community.

Tiffany Moore Russell

Orange County Clerk of Courts

The Clerk's Office has published the latest Report to the Citizens of Orange County. The report outlines our office's strategic vision and highlights many of the individuals who make that vision a reality. The report also contains vital statistics that reflect the work we do as the information "hub" of the justice system. The report includes highlights such as a great message from Clerk Russell, informative videos, interesting facts and figures and more.

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