Records Management

Court Records FAQs

What case types and documents are available on my eClerk?

The Florida Supreme Court has determined the appropriate level of access for each category of user (e.g. general public, case party, agency employee, etc.). These access levels are in accordance with legal statutes that protect confidential information. The Clerk is required to comply with these access levels and uses certain security protocols to protect confidential information and documents.

Online docket information is available for most cases filed from approximately 1990 to present. Online documents are available from 2009 to present for most case types. Some exceptions are Family and Mental Health case types.

A Clerk’s Office initiative is currently underway to digitize older case records. As this occurs, these newly digitized documents will be made available in my eClerk.

What does it mean to have a document certified?

A certified copy is a copy of a document that has been stamped by a deputy clerk certifying that the copy is a true and correct copy of the instrument filed in the Clerk’s Office.

How can I pay for a court records request?

See our Fees and Payment Options for payment instructions.

Where can I learn about accessing court records on the my eClerk website?

See the FAQ section of the my eClerk website for answers to frequently asked questions.

What are Official Records and how is it different than Records Management?

The Orange County Comptroller’s Official Records Department records, indexes and archives all of the documents that constitute the official records of Orange County. These documents include, but are not limited to, deeds, mortgages, satisfactions, Claims of Lien, Final Judgments and Orders, Notices of Commencement and Declarations of Domicile.

The comptroller is located at 109 E. Church St. Suite 300, Orlando, FL 32801 or online at

What is a purge letter and how is does it affect my records requests?

A purge letter is a letter confirming that a case file has been destroyed in accordance with the Florida Rules of Judicial Administration.
Just because a case file has been purged does not mean that the case has been removed from your record. In order to get a case removed from your record you must apply for a Certificate of Eligibility for expungement. You can find the application and other information at If you have any further questions, you may call FDLE at 1-850-410-7870.

Where can I get a copy of a death certificate?

Death certificates are archived by the Department of Health, Division of Vital Statistics:

Post Office Box 210
Jacksonville, FL 32231-0042
(904) 359-6955