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Bond Information

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A bond is a legal agreement between the court and a person charged with a crime that he or she will appear before the court as ordered. As part of the bond process, the defendant must remain within the jurisdiction where the bond is placed.

Bonds for all arrests must be posted at the Orange County Jail.

For complete details regarding the bond process, including posting a bond, visit the Orange County Jail and Inmate Services website.

Bondsman Registration

Florida Statute §648.42 requires bail bond agents to register with both the Clerk of the Circuit Court and with the Sheriff by April 1st of each odd-numbered year in the county in which the agent resides.

General information on how to register:
The clerk may not permit registration unless the agent is currently licensed and appointed by the department.

    • An agent may also register in any other county
    • To register with the Clerk’s office, you must provide copies of the following. All documents must be legible. 
      • A completed Bail Bond Agent Registration Form for each surety
      • A copy of your renewed qualifying Power of Attorney
      • A copy of your Florida Department of Financial Service License Photo ID
      • A copy of your Driver’s License
      • A copy of your Certificate of Appointment by your insurance company
  • Submit your registration along with the required documentation in person or by e-mail or by US mail:
    • In person:
      • Orange County Clerk of Courts
        Criminal Division Room 210
        425 N. Orange Ave
        Orlando FL 32801

Additional details:
  • Bond Discharge
    • Bonds are discharged 2 business days after the paperwork is received from Court
  • Bond Forfeiture
    • See Florida Statute 903.26 for full information on bond forfeitures.
  • Bond Judgment
    •  See Florida Statute 903.27 for full information on bond judgment
    • Payment Information – forfeitures can be paid in room 410. Judgments need to be calculated with interest can be paid in room 210.
  • Update Bondsman Information

  • How can I request for a bond to be discharged?
    You can request a bond discharge through our live agent system.  Select the contact us option from the drop-down menu and select Contact Criminal Division.
  • How much is the forfeiture fee?
    Forfeiture fees vary on a case-by-case basis.  The Clerk’s Certificate of Forfeiture has the forfeiture fee and is emailed or mailed to the depositor.
  • Why is my bond still forfeited after the defendant has been arrested?
    There is no notification that is sent to us informing us that the defendant has been arrested. If this is the case, please contact us through our live agent system in the contact us drop down menu.
  • Does the motion stop the bond from being forfeited? A motion does not stop the forfeiture process only a court order.