Payment Options Available for Traffic and Criminal

Credit card, envelope and pencil on a wooden table.

Need to pay a traffic ticket or a criminal fine? We have many options at the Orange County Clerk of Courts to make it easy for you to conduct business with us.

The quickest way for you to make a payment is online right from our website. Click here for Traffic and click here for Criminal. You can also make a payment by mail, in person at any of our 5 locations. For remote options, you can also make payments at any Amscot locations.  

With a traffic ticket, you have numerous choices such as requesting a payment extension, elect to take traffic school, or request a hearing. In criminal and traffic cases, you may also be eligible for a payment plan. 

There are a lot of ways to make payments. To see more details on all these options, go to our Traffic page or Criminal page for more information.

Click below to watch a video with Slice about our payment options.