Important changes to Civil & Small Claims Filings

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Effective July 1, 2021, due to a recent Florida Supreme Court amendment to Rule of Judicial Administration 2.420, it is the responsibility of the filer to notify the Clerk of Courts of confidential information in civil claims court filings. You will be responsible for ensuring any confidential information contained in civil and small claims court records filed with the Clerk is identified for redaction.

 All filers, including attorneys and self-represented litigants, will be required to:

- File a Notice of Confidential Information in circuit civil, county civil and small claims court cases when filing documents with Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, or other confidential information;
- Identify the precise location(s) of confidential information within the document, including each page number on which it appears; and
- Identify the type of confidential information or provision that applies to the identified information.

The amended rule affects small claims court filings and circuit and county court civil cases, except for Jimmy Ryce civil commitments, cases stemming from sexual assault, and medical malpractice filings. This rule change will not affect family, criminal, and juvenile cases.


Clerk Russell recommends attorneys, legal professionals, self-represented litigants, and other individuals who file court documents review the amendment and become familiar with the rule change, so confidential information is not made public. The Florida Supreme Court’s amendment to Rule 2.420 can be found here. The Notice of Confidentiality along with the list of items considered confidential can be found in the button below.

While the Clerk’s staff can answer procedural questions, the office is prohibited from offering legal advice. If customers who are not represented by an attorney have legal questions, they can schedule a low cost attorney consultation by visiting our Self-Help Center at the downtown Orlando Courthouse or by going to our Self-Help website.

On June 28th, we hosted a an Attorney Training on the changes, please see below for the recording: